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Simply a Ferrari car transformed into a pedal go-kart, just the quality and attention to detail you’d expect; packaged in a kart to fit children and adults.

Officially licensed by Ferrari, need we say more?  This kart is built on the City Compact frame and has many standard features the other city compact karts don’t; including front and rear spoilers, larger aerodynamic front fairing with the Ferrari emblem, special tires and rims sporting the Ferrari prancing horse, sport steering wheel and more!  This kart is ideal for a small 5 year old up to an adult weighing less than 200 lbs and under 5 feet 10 inches tall.

Hub: AF Hub stands for Automatic Freewheel; this hub allows the rider to pedal forward, coast with the pedals remaining static, use the hand brake to stop, and once stopped pedal backwards to go in reverse!

Wheels:  Low-profile rubber air filled tube tires with a street tread keep the kart stuck to the pavement on a track or through your neighborhood with very little rolling resistance.  Tires should be filled to around 20 psi, never to exceed 22 psi.  Sealed bearings in each of the over-sized Ferrari embellished rims allows the kart to roll effortlessly.  Since the kart does roll so well, we added a parking brake so it won’t roll away from you when you take a pit stop for lunch or to talk with your friends.

Front Fairing:  This Ferrari-red, large front fairing with extra wind skirts to increase aerodynamics, sports the Ferrari logo front and center, the number 5 and the BERG logo. Down low and inbetween the front wheels, the front spoiler increases aerodynamics and helps the kart achieve that race-car look. Under the sport steering wheel are decals showing a pretend speedometer, and other dashboard buttons.  The steering wheel center has a Ferrari cap covering the steering wheel bolt and each wheel has a matching Ferrari-red mudguard.

Seat:  This molded black sport seat has a special metal BERG logo, the seat not only looks great and offers great back support, it was specifically engineered to allow for more leg room on a small frame!  The seat post is set closer to the front of the seat giving the rider more room to stretch out. 

Options:  Some popular accessories for this kart include a speedometer, horn, rear view mirrors, Ferrari racing suit and your own pit crew!

2 year manufacturer’s warranty against defects.

Dimensions: 4’ 5” x 2’ 8” x 2’ 8” (l x w x h)

BERG represents quality and safety! Playing outdoors without a care in the world; that is our basic principle. BERG products are robust, of guaranteed quality, completely safe and extensively tested. Thanks to in-house designs and continuous quality control, BERG makes the difference.

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