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The Only Authorized Berg Dealer in Virginia

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EZ-Ryder Pedal Karts

E Z Ryder Pedal Karts is a new family business in Va. Beach. We offer rental karts and bikes for cruising the beach, and also sell karts.

We are the only authorized dealership for Berg Toys in Virginia. The toys and pedal karts were very intriguing. Everett ’Easy’ Ryder wanted to bring something new to the area. The quality in the material of the Berg toys are unmatched by any other companies.

Berg Toys pedal karts are designed in the Netherlands and have gone global in the 30 years of business. Currently Berg Karts are available in over 65 countries.

If you are trying to learn how to ride bikes for the first time as a toddler or you are an experienced cruiser as an adult, there is a right pedal kart for you.

"Its fun for the young and young at heart."

BERG represents quality and safety! Playing outdoors without a care in the world; that is our basic principle. BERG products are robust, of guaranteed quality, completely safe and extensively tested. Thanks to in-house designs and continuous quality control, BERG makes the difference.

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